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The Sare Feeds Feeding Plan

Sare Millers feeds are nutritionally balanced feeds containing vitamins and trace minerals for cattle, pigs, fish and poultry.

Sare Millers has in its collection some of the most sought after animal feed in the market. Including human maize flour feed.

All our products are exceptionally tested to be safe for both human and animal consumption. Thereby meeting all the stringent world health standards and food safety standards.


See below our various products:

Dairy Meal

This Feed is specifically meant to support milk production. It is properly balanced with all the necessary ingredients including yeasacc (a highly recommended yeast substance) to boost enzyme generation that in turn leads to an improved daily yield in milk). Molasses are used in content of 10% per ton of the entire formulation; making the feed more palatable to the dairy cows as well as improves on the quality of the product. At Sare Millers we strongly advice farmers not to put additional molasses since the Dairy Meal is already formulated with the molasses and this is aimed at reducing the feeding cost associated with the cow. The recommended feeding program for farmers should be 2kgs per 3.5 litres of milk produced or as some may prefer 4kgs per day. The Sare feed Dairy Meal is also fed to the in calf cow from 2 months before calving and continued till the lactation is complete & it is packed in 70, 50, 20 and 10 kg bags and sold according to the preference of the farmer.


Kienyeji Mash

This is a specially formulated feed for the local poultry to ensure faster growth of the birds and early maturity. With improved local birds feeding accounts for the sizeable part of the enhancement of the birds laying process. The feeds are formulated with coccidiostat to ensure zero coccidiosis is reported by the farmer. The feeds have shown very encouraging results from the farmers who have used the feed in their farms.


Layers Mash

Offered to birds during the laying period. Specially modified to fulfill various requirements. Should be fed at the rate of about 120 grams per day. Its protein, energy and vitamin trace mineral contents are higher so that even at low feed consumption rates, sufficient nutrients are ingested by the birds thus sustaining a high rate of egg production.


Pig Finish Meal

Once the porker weight of 55kgs has been attained, the pigs are fed on Pig Finishing Meal till they reach the bacon weight of 80 to 90 kg. The feeding rate should be restricted to between 2kgs to 2.5kgs per day to ensure some economic value is got from the feed; the quantity being increased with increase in weight.


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